What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes


Often individuals see dark circles under eyes even after having plenty of sleep. This isn’t anything unusual as fatigue is not the only reason as to why one is having dark circles. At  times what appears as dark circles are at times simply shadows casted by hallows or puffy eyelids under the eyes developing as normal part of your ageing process. But there can be many other causes as to why you have dark circles under your eyes and a few of them areexplained below:

Aging Process – Skin that is present under your eyes is delicate and thin. As one grows old, skin around their eyes becomes thinner and thinner as a result blood vessels become much prominent, thereby causing dark circles.

Liver Diseases – At times dark circles indicate dysfunction of liver because of various liver related ailments. Example could be hepatitis.

Dehydration – Dehydration is among the most popular causes for dark circles visible under your eyes. Reason here is close proximity of underneath eye skin in relation to underlying bone. When body isn’t having sufficient quantity of water, often symptoms are evident in this particular area. Hence, it is suggested having minimum of eight to ten glasses of water daily in addition to fresh fruits all the time. One should restrict their intake of various caffeinated drinks like alcohol, caffeinated drinks,  coffee, tea, and so on as they aggravate dehydration.

  •  Anemia – Deficiency of iron is another very common cause of dark circles in several cases. This can be cured if you bring about healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle. Low iron levels result in extremely poor oxygenation in your body tissues hence lowering oxygenated blood supply. It is recommended taking balanced diet that is rich in dairy products, green leafy vegetables, as well as all kinds of fruits for keeping your entire body healthy.
  • Allergies – There can be conditions causing eyes to itch hence contributing to dark circles because of scratching or rubbing skin around them. In addition to this, there are few foods that may cause area under eye to become dark. In children, dark circles basically indicate allergy issues.
  • Sun Exposure – If there is increased sun exposure it can lead to dark circles. Increased exposure to sun will produce more melanin than usual around your eyes giving them dark colour. Two primary skin layers are there where one is outer skin layer called epidermis and the other is dermis that is inner layer. When melanin becomes excess, epidermis appears brown.
  • Drinking and Smoking – Partying late night, drinking and smoking play havoc with skin resulting in dark circles under eyes.
  • Tiredness and Sleep Deprivation – Excessive tiredness and lack of sleep results in much pale colored skin thereby making under the skin blood become much visible as well as appear darker or bluer.
  • Deficiency of Nutrients – Dark circles that are around eyes can be because of poor nutrition. Nutritious and healthy diet that is filled with various vitamins like E, K, A, and C will help you get rid of your dark circles.